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Hello. I'm David, and I'm the creator of this blog. First, a little bit about me, and then I can tell you about the blog.
I started brickfilming in early 2012. I was inspired because my friends were making them and I thought "I don't really have much to do this holiday, I'll make an animation using Lego." I just plonked some minifigures down on the table - and started taking photos. I then edited it on iMovie. The images zoomed in and out (I still hate Ken Burns to this day - and only iMovie users will get that) and it was, well, pretty awful. I have progressed, but I still need more practice. But, since then, I have developed a strong passion to the art and in early 2013, decided to write this blog. This is where Part 2 comes in.

I started off with an idea. Reviewing all the brickfilms uploaded in the past week. It was a good idea, but I had nothing to launch it off with. No-one was really coming to the blog. So necessarily, I was making the posts for my own benefit. Those of you who scroll right down to the bottom of the blog, you will see BOTW #1. It is now oddly successful. But you will also notice BFOTW #1. You will think, what is BFOTW? I'll give you a guide to all the posts, used and scrapped.
Used Currently
BOTW - Stands For Brickfilms Of The Week. It's basically a thing where I choose 3 brickfilms I like every week and then say why I like them.
Brickfilmers Achievements - I talk about films when they hit 100,000 or 1,000,000 Views On YouTube
BiMAC - I talk about brickfilming contests and break them down for you
BFOTW - Like BOTW, just with brickfilmers. I scrapped it after I realised it was just the same people from BOTW
BOTWU - Like BOTW, just in the half week. I just got bored of writing so many blog posts.
BFOTWU - Ridiculous. Basically BFOTW, but in the half week. It was also, so totally pointless.
Anyway, I hope you like the blog. If you want to make a suggestion on how I could improve it, please, please, please leave a comment somewhere. Maybe even this page. If you can.

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